This year we’re doing things differently in light of the COVID situation. Click below for info on Wednesday night middle school confirmation and high school classes.
When we’re able to meet under normal circumstances, the following describes confirmation classes: During Wednesday Nights at Messiah, one parent attends with their 6th grade student. We do an overview of the Bible and have personal discussion with their family member.
The 7th graders gather as a large group to learn about the Ten Commandments, the Creeds, the Lord’s Prayer, Baptism, Confession, and the Lord’s Supper. We then break out into small groups to talk about life and that night’s subject. 
The 8th graders gather as a large group to study the book of John, then break out into small groups to talk about life and that night’s scripture section. Confirmation Sunday is the first Sunday in May, for 8th graders who choose to be confirmed in their faith.
Other activities for our middle schoolers typically take place on the weekends and include everything from paintball to serving at the People’s City Mission. Contact Marty Hein, Director of Youth Ministries, for more info.
During Wednesday Nights at Messiah, our high school students meet to share snacks, life, and Bible study. We have social activities and service projects throughout the year, and each summer brings the opportunity to go on a week-long trip. We regularly serve at Gleanings for the Hungry in California and every three years, attend the LCMS National Youth Gathering.
Contact Marty Hein, Director of Youth Ministries, for more info.
Since 2006, Messiah has been sending high school teams in the summer to serve in California at Gleanings for the Hungry. Gleanings is all about reducing food waste in this country, and sending that food to people in need. Along with the food, Gleanings assures that the gospel of Jesus Christ is presented. Messiah has had over 300 different volunteers spend a week at Gleanings since that first trip in 2006.
Held every 3 years since 1980, the LCMS Youth Gathering provides thousands of youth and adults the opportunity to come together as a community of God’s people to learn more about Jesus Christ, the Christian faith and their Lutheran identity. Check out the 2019 recap video below.