In-Person Worship at Messiah

What to expect when you come to an in-person worship service
Masks are recommended at the Sunday 8:00 and 11:00 services • Masks are required at the Monday morning service
8:00 In-person worship.  We’re asking people to please wear masks as they leave their cars, and continue to wear them until they are seated in a pew.  Once seated, they will be socially distanced from all others in attendance, and they may remove their masks (This is in accordance with the recommendations from the website above, which states that face coverings are recommended only for symptomatic people and those who are unable to distance.)  When worship concludes, we’re asking that masks are again worn until you are in your vehicle.

9:30 Online only worship.

11:00 In-person worship. Masks are optional for this service, assuming that people will maintain a safe distance from others at all times.
When you arrive 
the main doors will be propped open so that you can enter the building without having to touch the door handles.
In the Great Hall 
the seating areas will be covered. We’re asking people to avoid using them at this time.
New offering boxes
are at each entrance to the Worship Center. If you haven’t switched to electronic giving and still prefer to use your offering envelopes, you can place your offering in the boxes as you enter or leave the worship center.
As you enter
The worship center doors will be propped open, and you may sit wherever you’re comfortable. Please don’t use the pews that have signs on them.
Choosing your seat
If you’re alone, or only have 2 or 3 people in your family, we ask that you consider moving to the middle of a longer pew, leaving room for a few people at each end of it. If your family is larger, please find a place at the very end of a pew, so that others can sit at the opposite end, respecting the 6-foot rule we’ve all become familiar with.
Please bring your Bible 
There will be no children’s bags, pew Bibles, attendance cards, or bulletins. We’re avoiding having anything that people will handle during the worship service. Please consider bringing your own Bible, or making use of the Messiah app, as needed, during worship
For children’s needs
The cry room at the back of the sanctuary will be available for toddler and infants’ needs, such as diaper changing, etc. The nursery will not be available at this time.
The restrooms near the school office will be available, but if at all possible, please try to avoid using them. If you have children who need to use the restroom, please accompany them. The area around the nursery and main church bathrooms is a construction zone and we wouldn’t want anyone to wander in there and get injured.
When the service is over
Our ushers will dismiss people row by row. Please exit the building immediately and avoid gathering around the main doors. If you feel comfortable visiting with friends outside the building, you are welcome to do so. Please don’t linger in the worship center or the Great Hall, so we can quickly clean and prepare for our next service.
When we offer communion, it will take place at the end of the service.  The pastors and elders will be wearing masks and gloves, and we will allow families to come up and receive communion, and they will then leave the worship center and go to their vehicles. The ushers will release you from your pews like we are used to doing, but we will ask that you stay at least six feet apart from the individual/family ahead of you.
We will also offer communion every other Monday, beginning on June 15. We’ll have 15 minute time slots, beginning at 6pm.  We will limit each session to about 20 people. When you arrive you will enter the worship center and be seated. As you come forward to receive communion, you will have the opportunity to self-reflect on confession of your sins and God’s abundant grace shown through His forgiveness.
To sign up for these slots, please call the church office between noon and 3pm at 402-489-3024 and ask for Marcia.
Worship with us live on Sundays at 9:30a, or watch any time at

Online Worship With Messiah

Worship with us live on Sundays at 9:30a, or watch any time